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After Moulage, the next level of pussy moulding for Queensnake was hot vax vaginal casting. Might not be the prefect material for reproducing details, liquid hot wax is at least way more painful than alginate. She hated it, so you ought to love it :) SEE THE FULL SET HERE!
fill-her-up-shot5.jpg fill-her-up-photo29.jpg fill-her-up-photo10.jpg fill-her-up-photo25.jpg
fill-her-up-shot1.jpg fill-her-up-shot10.jpg fill-her-up-shot11.jpg fill-her-up-shot12.jpg
fill-her-up-shot13.jpg fill-her-up-shot14.jpg fill-her-up-shot16.jpg fill-her-up-shot19.jpg
fill-her-up-shot2.jpg fill-her-up-shot20.jpg fill-her-up-shot23.jpg fill-her-up-photo09.jpg
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